Driving Success with Data Marketing in 2019

  Well hello there and welcome to 2019, a year of many variables for your business. It would be safe to say that 2018 has taught us about the variability and volatility of the marketing [...]

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Data Domination or Ruination – Part 5 – Connecting and using data

continued from part 4   Connecting Data Sources: Data sources independently can be very beneficial to a business and provide great insights, but connecting these sets can help a business rapidly adapt to its industry, [...]

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Data Domination and Ruination – Part 3 – Conceptualising and Specifying Data

continued from part 2   Conceptualising This step involves considering the different types of data that are desired by different departments. This is usually developed against desired outcomes. Think of the following examples: MD/CEO  – I [...]

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Data Domination or Ruination – Part 1

Are you gearing for Data Marketing? As a data marketer and analyst in South Africa, I have found it an interesting place to review the way in which SMMEs understand, use and interpret data. Interestingly, [...]