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A full service digital consultancy, making sure your brand’s value is experienced through intelligent and data-driven digital solutions.

Advertising has been migrating to digital since newspapers started posting the classified ads on their websites 20 years ago. The movement accelerated due to increasingly sophisticated e-commerce websites, the invention of ad networks, and the proliferation of Facebook and other social media platforms.

The conversion from traditional over-the-line advertising to digital has gone global. Unilever, for example, spends over $9bn a year on digital. The trend is irreversible. Some would say traditional advertising is dead. We wouldn’t go that far, but the writing is on the wall.

Digital is fully embedded in today’s world. Marketing, advertising, and sales transactions are all happening on websites, social media, and apps. Customer interactions are increasingly happening on multiple digital channels and over longer periods of time.

The result is a smorgasbord of disparate marketing activities, all with their own data measurements, analytics, and metrics. Poor data quality has led directly to poor decisions, leading to wasted expenditure and ineffective marketing.

This is where Media Rocket comes in. We help you gather the right data, provide common metrics and analytics across all digital channels, and put measures in place to make the right decisions in terms of digital channels and marketing programs. We do this by applying our integrated analytics and UX/UI skills coupled with our technical expertise in the Google stack, Adobe Creative Suite, and online architecture.

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