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About Media Rocket

A full service digital consultancy, making sure your brand’s value is experienced through intelligent and data-driven digital solutions.

Straightforward guidance from a team who understand tech but speak business. We give you simplified info to empower and guide you in making informed decisions that drive your business objectives.

Media Rocket is an established full service digital agency. Through our specialist services, we help our clients build a presence online that is in-line with your brand and that helps drive your business objectives. We care about our clients and always set out to offer you uncomplicated, cost-effective, online solutions.

We’re long term thinkers.  We want to walk with you, helping you navigate the digital demands placed on modern businesses. This way, we make it easy to buy, develop, launch, measure and maintain your digital platforms.

At the core of Media Rocket is an experienced team committed to helping you get to grips with – and make the most of – the ‘tech speak’ that’s been washing over you for years. This is a team that thrives on taking the complicated and making it simple to understand.

We like to tell it like it is. Allowing you to make informed decisions that will help drive your business’ strategic outcomes.

Contact info

Request a coffee | 12 Driefontein Road, Rivonia | hello@mediarocket.co.za | +27 11 568 9760